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Trademark Portfolio Management

Thanks to an efficient management of your trademark portfolio you can quickly find the information desired and your products are efficiently protected by the corresponding trademarks, as well as your company name and the trademarks themselves are protected by a right-preserving use and efficient collision monitoring (see Search).

Furthermore, we compare the individual lists of goods and services of the trademarks with the corresponding products or respectively services, check on the use and call your attention to non-right-preserving use, detect superfluous trademarks which can be sold, licensed or abandoned and review the collision monitoring, or on demand, improve the collision monitoring (see Search).

n demand, we also control competitors and in case of missing or insufficient collision monitoring we point out third party trademark rights against which legal action should be taken if the designs of competitors resemble your valuable trademarks in an obviously confusing way with the competitor wanting to take advantage of your trademarks' publicity.