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Expert Opinion on Patentability

If you already filed a Patent application or intend to file a patent application, a valuation of the likelihood that a patent will be granted helps you to decide whether and to which extent you can protect your invention by a patent or maybe by an utility model.

Thanks to this opinion you can save time and maybe no patent application has to be prepared. To know in due time whether a material, a product, a procedure or a technology can be protected is of high importance for your research as it can be redirected and research or development funds, which can be used elsewhere, are saved.

Before investing time and money in the protection and development of an invention you should be sure whether and to which extent the invention concerned can be protected.

Of course you can also start to search the internet (e.g. or the European Patent Office ( or the German patent office “Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt” ( and subsequently send us your results.