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DNA structure

Dr. Dianne Snowden

Dianne Snowden is a microbiologist and molecular biologist. She obtained her Doctorate in microbiology in 2000 from La Trobe University, Australia .

During her doctorate Dr. Snowden worked on the characterization of an unidentified virus-like particle using a range of standard virological, biochemical and genomic investigations.

Dr. Snowden has a broad background in microbiology, virology and molecular biology and has lectured in microbiology at Australian universities.

Dr. Snowden specializes in biotechnology for both the medical and agricultural fields, DNA, RNA and gene technology, immunology, diagnostics and assay systems, antibiotics, vectors and expression systems.

In addition, Dr. Snowden has worked for several years as a technical specialist for a large patent law firm in Japan. During this time she obtained valuable experience in the prosecution of biotechnology patents before the Japanese Patent Office.