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Transfected cells

M. Sc. Limin Siebert-Su

M. Sc. Limin Siebert-Su  studied food technology at the Shenyang Agricultur University, Shenyang, China and bioinformatics at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich as well as technology and biotechnology of food at the Technical University of Munich.

During her diploma thesis she worked on  alcoholic and thermal influences on emulsifying properties of egg yolk and protein-protein interactions.   Mrs. Siebert-Su has a diploma and a M. Sc. in technology and biotechnology of food.

Her scientific expertise comprises food science and cosmetics, especially process engineering,   cosmetic formulations, bioprocess technology, microbiology, nutrition physiology, food chemistry as well as chemical analysis of cosmetics and food.

She joined ABK in February 2008 and is training with ABK  as a patent engineer. 

Linguistic proficiency: Chinese, German and English.